With the Board of Directors attaching importance to the operation of good corporate governance and aiming to improve the efficiency of corporate governance of the Company to have a better standard to foster Good corporate culture in the group of companies Support transparency in management within the organization Build confidence for shareholders, investors or all stakeholders.

Corporate Governance Policy of the Company

The company has realized the importance of efficiently management, clear results and accountability which built the confidence to very associated part and the business has developed longevity. Build with efficiently management, morality and legitimacy.

The company determined the good nationalized principle to improve the management that has been existed. Expect to be clear norms and distribute the performance to all employees in all levels. Support to build up the culture for nationalized principle properly. The Company has accepted the method to good nationalize for good corporate governance in 2549

Corporate Governance Policy of the Company
Environmental Policy
Sustainability Policy and Goals
Human Rights Policy
Information Security Management System Policy
Bord of Director Handbook
Executive Committee Handbook
Nomination and Remuneration Committee Handbook
Audit Committee Handbook
Sustainability Policy
Sustainable Procurement Policy
Biodiversity Policy
Chief Executive Officer Charter
Company Secretary Charter
Disclosure and Financial Submission Policy
Succession Planning Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Supervisory of Subsidiaries and Associate Companies Policy
Investment in Subsidiaries or Associated Companies Policy
Internal Control and Internal Audit Policy
Tax Policies
Compensation and Benefits Policy
Directors’ Remuneration Policy
Risk Management Policy
Human Resource Development Policy
Related Party Transactions and Connected Transactions Policy
Dividend Payment Policy
Sales and marketing Policy
Anti-Money Laundering Policy
Code of Conduct
Stakeholder Engagement

Code of Ethics for Executives and Staff

The company’s policy control the business by writing that the meeting of committee 4/2555 on 10 May 2555.

They have agreed with the policy that they plan to review the policy and capacity. The company has communicated to the administrator to understand and support the company’s polices.

Code of Ethics for Executives and Staff

Risk Factor

The company operates 4 main types of business such as tracking and collection of debt service business, non-performing debt management and Insurance Broker Business. which have risk that are different according to the type of business
Risk Factor


Charter of Audit Committee

Company Regulation

The Company attaches great importance to the Company's Articles of Association.

It is considered as an important mechanism to lead to a transparent and effective management system. And can be checked This will create confidence and confidence for shareholders, investors, stakeholders. And all related parties. By the regulations, the company is a tool to add value. Competitiveness It also promotes sustainable growth of the Company in the long term.

Company Regulation