The company's products are divided into 2 types, car insurance and non-car insurance. As there is a list of products of each type as follows;

1. Motor Insurance

1. Compulsory Motor Insurance
2. Voluntary Motor Insurance as follows;

  • Type 1 insurance, repairing contracted garages and repairing service centers
  • Type 2 insurance
  • Type 3 insurance
  • Type 5 insurance is insurance type 2+ and type 3+.

2. Non-Motor Insurance

Such as fire insurance, marine transportation insurance, land transportation insurance, carrier liability insurance, miscellaneous insurance and other related services such as pre-insurance vehicle inspection services, accident inspection services, disaster survey services and emergency assistance services

Fire Insurance

Residential house
Commercial building
Dormitory building

Transportation Insurance

Marine/Cargo Insurance
Inland Transit Insurance
Carrier liability Insurance


Personal accident insurance and group accident insurance
Travel Insurance
All Risk Insurance
Public Liability Insurance
Contract Work Insurance
Theft insurance or professional liability insurance
Engineering Insurance
Insurance for money
Billboard insurance
Product liability insurance
Statutory liability insurance arising from the operation of controlled business type 3 for fuel service stations
Insurance for directors and executive officers of the company