The company manages a non-performing debt management company. by purchasing non-performing debt from financial institutions or businesses that have a policy of selling non-performing debts to sell debts, financial institutions will use the auction method. Before bidding, the Company's team will research information on non-performing debts up for auction, such as debt type and overdue period, among other things, to analyze and bid on the auction. which will be determined as a ratio from the full debt and/or amount Depending on the seller's requirements, if the company is the winner of the auction It will go into the details of the debt such as loan agreement, debt age and debtor information, etc. to summarize the list of all debtors that will be transferred to the company. It will proceed to accept the transfer of such debt by recording it as assets. - Investments in accounts receivable. and started the debt collection process to achieve the goals set by the company.

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unsecured distress debt management


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The Company will bid in the auction to buy debts only if the Company specializes in debt collection. The information about the debt that will be auctioned will be compared to the debt collection analysis that the company has. used to provide debt collection services with similar characteristics to estimate debt tracking/collection success rate and debt collection expenses over the period expected to collect debt as targeted, as well as considering the rate of return on investment that the Company Wants to evaluate and set the auction price for debt purchase.

The Company will provide details on debt management and debt collection by estimating debt collection on a quarterly basis. and will monitor the situation and compare actual debt collection to the estimate If debt collection falls short of the estimate, the company has measures in place to increase debt collection, set aside provisions, and adjust the debt collection estimate in accordance with company policy. and considering the current situation.