The Company offers services to employers, both financial institutions and entrepreneurs, who want the Company to monitor and process their debtors for them to repay their debts in accordance with the Company's service scope. Covers contract tracking and debt collection, as well as legal work such as suing and investigating cases by tracking and expediting debt, which is divided into three major steps:

1. Phone follow-up on debt collection

It is the first step in the debt collection process after the company received the debtor's data set from the employer which consists of list of debtors, debt and contact addresses and recorded such information in the database of the debt collection system Phone Collector. Which has been assigned the task with following up on such employers' debts will contact the debtor based on the information received to negotiate for the debtor to repay the debt. To make it easier to track down debts, additional information about the debtor is gathered, such as the nature of the job, the place of employment, income, housing, or other contact numbers, and so on. The additional information gathered will be saved in the company's database for future reference.

2. Follow up on debt collection in the field

This is the step in which the company will send a Field Collector to facilitate the receipt of payments from receivables for only a limited number of employers. or, if necessary, debt collection, such as checking housing information to locate a debtor or inspecting the condition of holding assets, for example. Field debt collection is frequently used to collect from debtors who have a large debt balance and are difficult to locate.

3. Filing a lawsuit to enforce the payment of debt

If the debtor refuses to pay the debt, the Company will consult with the employer, as the Company's lawyer drafts the complaint, and send a complaint to prosecute the debtor for failing to pay the debt.

However, depending on the type of debt, the collection period ranges between 6 and 9 months. When the contract period expires, the company will stop collecting debts and will be required to submit receivable information for those who do not comply, which can be linked to the employer. The company will be able to extend the time it takes to collect debts for any debtor it can track who is in the process of repaying or suing.

For debt collection

The Company will receive revenue from debt collection services in the form of benefit sharing based on the amount of money it can collect from debtors. The amount of money earned will be determined by the success rate of debt collection. and the following debt collection service rates were agreed upon with the employer:
Each type of debt has a success rate in debt collection. and debt collection rates are different.

For example, long overdue debts are difficult to track down, so they have a low success rate in debt collection, but they have a high service charge rate. The company There is a success rate of debt collection about 3 - 4 percent of the debt tracked. And the average debt collection service fee is about 15-24 percent of the amount collected.

In the event of legal action, the Company will be compensated in the form of a fee per person and/or a share of benefits, which is a percentage of the debt owed to the employer because of legal proceedings. There will be no costs for the company. in collaboration with the employer If the company is unable to track and collect such debt, except for debt collection expenses such as phone calls to follow up on debtors Field follow-up costs the cost of copying documents, for example.

Type and value of debt that the company Debt collection service The Company is a debt collection service provider in the consumer debt sector. specializing in debt collection from all types of loans, including personal loan credit card loan housing loan Hire purchase Loan for utilities and phone bills and other debts, with the total debt under monitoring as of December 30, 2021, equal to 32,682 million baht.

Debt balance under tracking 32,682 million baht